Montaluce Winery


Dahlonega, georgia


Vineyard Wedding at Montaluce Winery

Venue | Montaluce Winery
Beauty | Bride Meets Glam
DJ | Pirone DJs
Photographer | Megan Kuhn 

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By embracing the subtle beauty of nature and adding a touch of whimsy, your wedding can be as unique as your love story. Here’s to creating unforgettable moments and making Montaluce Winery the backdrop for your happily ever after.

Our floral installation draped around the tree's trunk was so stunning, you'd think Mother Nature herself was the florist. Lush greenery punctuated by soft white blossoms created an ethereal ambiance, making this spot the ultimate “I do” destination. It’s like the tree was saying, “Yeah, I’m majestic, but let’s give the spotlight to the lovebirds.”

So, if you're planning your big day and looking for a venue where every corner offers a photo op, look no further. Montaluce Winery has got you covered, from the first look to the last dance. And if your heart's set on an organic white and green wedding, we’ve got just the floral magic to make it happen.

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